Stand Up Paddleboard University (SUP-U)

Stand Up Paddleboard University (SUP-U)

Wanna SUP? Well we want you to as well. Come and join us for introductory paddles and classes, or focus on the finer aspects of the race stroke.

Certified SUP Instructors in Seattle
Alki Kayak Tours in working on cutting edge development of SUP instruction in the Pacific NW. We have aligned our program with the ASI Certification process so we can give you the tools to safely and effectively enjoy the growing sport of Stand Up Paddleboarding.

Intro to Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) $60/pp


Offered through October at 10:00 am by rental sup'sreservation. There is a maximum of 10 ppl per class.

We will take you through the processes of getting on the water safely on a stand up paddleboard and then head out on an exploratory paddle of Elliott Bay to work on paddlestrokes and technique. Discussion will focus on:

  • Types of SUP’s and performance characteristics.
  • Equipment discussion
  • Cold water immersion safety
  • Paddlestrokes
  • Recovery
  • Tides, currents, and paddle plans.

While SUP is the easiest most accessible way to get on the water, it is crucial you follow maritime rules and have the skills to safely explore NW paddle routes. Give a call so sign up before the season is over!

Custom ASI SUP Course. $150/pp 3 people maximum.
This course will be held by reservation, and is the first one offered in the NW using the skills taught through the World Stand Up Paddleboard Association. Using the terminology that has been agreed upon and proven methods, we will take you from complete novice to introduction of advanced strokes. Please grab a friend, we appreciate having 2-3 people so we can use others to discuss modeling and body mechanics. This is a foundation for more advanced courses that are currently in development! This is a great foundation for those interested in advanced touring, racing, or learning the in depth process of SUP.