Introduction to Sea Kayaking

Intro to Sea Kayaking

Intro to Sea Kayaking

$65/person – 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Tuesday, June 10th
Monday, June 30th
Monday, July 7th
Monday, July 21st
Monday, August 4th
Monday, August 18th

Interested in getting more than just a tour? Learn how to paddle a kayak and get an in depth introduction to the freedom that Sea Kayaking offers. Meet up with our group at approx 6:00 pm and go over the basics of sea kayaking (start time will vary throughout the year). We will cover all aspects of safely preparing for your paddle and will then get out on Elliott Bay for some on-water instruction. Space is limited to 6 persons per evening, and if you have a group of 2 or more, we can provide this instruction on another evening by reservation. This course is recommended for rental of our single sea kayaks and these skills are required for the follow-up Rescue and Recovery Course.

We will cover the following topics:

Dressing to Paddle Safely
Potential Hazards
Beach Launch and Landing
Basic Strokes

While the Intro to Sea Kayaking Course is designed as a stand alone course, it is recommended that paddlers follow up with the Rescue and Recovery course or the Sea Kayak Touring Essentials course.

Tips to prepare for your first sea kayak course:

1.  Let the Alki Kayak Tours staff member know your height, weight, inseam, and shoe size.  These are typical pieces of information that are used for fitting people to boats.  It will help us get kayaks ready and make for more time on the water!
2.  Keep in mind this is a paddlesport!  This activity happens on the water, so come prepared for getting wet (i.e. wetsuit, swimsuit, dry clotes, etc.).  Getting your own wetsuit that fits you well helps keep you warmer and drier.  There are wetsuits available for purchase at our retail store, Mountain to Sound Outfitters.
3.  If you wear glasses, make sure you have croakies (or similar) to keep your glasses attached to your head in the event of a capsize.
4.  Don’t be afraid to have fun!